Collection: Virgin Hair Bundles & Closures

Our 100% Virgin Hair Extensions are of the highest quality hair on the market! We made sure that each bundle has been collected from one donor with cuticles intact. 

Each Bundle is thick and full giving natural hair vibes! Each bundle weighs 3-3.5oz. It comes in its natural virgin state so the color of bundles may vary. We can guarantee the quality of our extension and we have confidence that you are purchasing the best of the best. With proper maintenance our bundles can last 3-5 years. 

Our extensions blend beautifully with natural hair, or you can complete the look with a closure!  

Number of Bundles Recommended 

14”-18” 3 Bundles 

20”-26” 4 Bundles 

28” and Up 5 Bundles 

All bundles  closures and frontals  are custom made and on a Pre-Order Bases 

Please allow 7-10 days for any bundles, closures or frontals to ship or become available for pick up